Wendy Award

Wendy Wins Award!!!!

Wendy Rudolph, President of Rudolph Associates (standing left in picture) was honored as School Psychologist of the year by Virginia Academy of School Psychologists and Virginia Psychological Association. We are very proud of her for receiving this well deserved award which is presented to one psychologist each year. In the past Wendy had won Psychologist of the Year for Fairfax County.

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Latest Efforts for Business Division

Laurence Rudolph, head of our consulting division, was issued a provisional patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office. The patent deals with a novel approach to testing, replacing traditional multiple choice testing with a layered approach. The process might first present the question in an open ended format (fill in the blank). If the test taker is unsure of the answer they are offered the option of switching to a multiple choice format. In addition the test taker is prompted to indicate their level of confidence in their answer. Individuals who answer the open ended format correctly and indicate high confidence in their answers are considered highly capable. Those who answer correctly using the multiple choice format are positive indicators but to a lesser degree.

More about this will be coming soon . . .


May 2014  – The Business Consultation Division is engaged in a new venture. Rudolph Inc, in partnership with Lyve LLC, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the development of a process called HowMyDoin. The campaign was successful and we are starting the development process.

May 2015 – The website for HowMyDoin still works Howie

However, we have launched Givio.NET and that is our focus now . . .

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